Stock MarketAPE Stock Price Prediction 2023, 2024-2030: Is APE a Buy?

APE Stock Price Prediction 2023, 2024-2030: Is APE a Buy?

APE stock is new to the market but it has come with great potential for growth. The future looks good for investments in entertainment company stocks for which AMC is one.

In this article, we will show you all you need to know about APE Stock. You will know how to invest in the APE stock and be guided on our experts’ price prediction.

What is APE Stock?

APE stock is a financial instrument of AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. through which the company’s shares are traded.

The symbol ‘APE’ stands for AMC preferred equity which is a new class of preferred equity units issued by AMC Entertainment and listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and commenced trading on 22 August, 2022.

AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. is a dramaturgical exhibition company mainly focusing on exhibition business and owns, operates, or has interests in theaters located in the United States and Europe.

It operates through the U.S. markets and International markets. It owns and operates theaters in approximately 43 states and the District of Columbia in US and about 946 theaters across 10,562 screens in United States and international markets.

APE Stock
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Why APE Units?

The Wall Street bear earlier noted the discrepancy between the share price of AMC common stock and its preferred stock (APE) is a sign that the market has not yet understood its purpose.

Each AMC Preferred Equity unit is designed to have the same economic value as a share of Class-A Common Stock. The issuance of AMC Preferred Equity Units was authorized by shareholders via a formal approval in 2013.

According to AMC CEO Adam Aron, the new preferred equity “gives AMC a currency that can be used in the future to strengthen our balance sheet, including by paying down debt or raising fresh equity.”

Each AMC Preferred Equity unit is designed to have the same voting rights as a share of common stock. While the issuance of Preferred Equity Dividends is not exactly the same as a stock split.

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Official statement from the AMC stated that on the ex-dividend date, the price of AMC Common Stock is likely to decline to reflect the fact that shares purchased on or after such date would no longer be entitled to the dividend. This is similar to what occurs in a stock split.

Is APE a Buy?

The current consensus among 3 polled investment analysts is to buy APE stock.

APE stock has received a consensus rating of buy. The company’s median rating score is 2.50, and is based on no buy ratings, 3 buy ratings, and 1 hold ratings.

7 Penworldgurus analysts offering 12-month price forecasts for APE stock have a median target of 4.00, with a high estimate of 9.00 and a low estimate of 1.00. The median estimate represents a +175.86% increase from the last price of 1.45.

Based on our forecasts, a long-term increase is expected, the APE stock price forecast for December 2027 is about $16.00 and with a 5-year investment, the revenue is expected to be around +269.57%.

How you can by buy APE stock

APE is traded on the NYSE. APE can be purchased through brokerage firms that offer the AMC Preferred Equity unit security on their trading platform.

Buying APE Stock will require the following steps:

Step 1: Compare Trading Platforms

This will help you make a good choice of brokerage that suits your investment target under the NYSE. Use some comparison tables to help you find a platform that fits your financial goal.

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Step 2: Open Your Brokerage Account

This is your trading account to be opened with the brokerage firm. You must complete an application with your details and follow other procedures required by your broker.

Step 3: Confirm Your Payment Details.

You need to deposit sufficient money to your account so that you can trade. Ensure your payment detail is correct before you make such transfer using appropriate payment means.

Step 4: Research the Stock

Conduct a research online to locate the stock you want to buy. Find the stock by name or ticker symbol, in this case -APE- and research it before deciding if it is a good investment for you now.

Step 5: Purchase Now or Later

Buy your preferred quantity of APE stock with a market order or use a limit order to delay your purchase until the stock reaches a desired price.

Step 6: Check In On Your Investment

Optimize your portfolio by tracking your APE stock regularly so as to know when your investment target is attained when to changing investment strategy is necessary.

APE Stock Price Prediction – 2023, 2024-2030

The prediction used Moving Average and Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Models on APE historical price/volume data. We then evaluated the fundamentals of Kala stock and arrived at the following projections.

APE Stock Price Prediction 2023

APE Stock price is estimated to reach maximum at $7.26 by the end of 2023.

The price is estimated to drop to as low as $0.99.

The average price is expected to reach $4.13. This means APE price value may reach $4.00 per share by the end of 2023. Average price volatility is measured at 19.05%.

APE Stock Price Prediction 2024

In 2024, analysts predict that APE Stock will attain maximum trading price of $9.73 and the minimum price is projected to reach $1.35.

The average price is estimated at $5.54 in the year, meaning that APE stock will trade at about of $5.500 per share given average price volatility at 25.16%.

APE Stock Price Prediction 2025

The year 2025 is projected to reach maximum price of $13.06 and a minimum price value of $1.45.

The average price estimated as $7.25 with average price volatility at 28.10%.  We conclude that APE will trade at $7.00 per share in the year.

APE Stock Price Prediction 2026

Technical analysis by our stock experts shows that the price of APE Stock in 2026 will reach $2.07 minimum and $23.81 maximum.

The expected average trading price-value is $12.94 with average price volatility measured at 22.17%. We conclude APE will trade at about $13.00 per share in the year.

APE Stock Price Prediction 2027

Based on the prevailing positive signals for APE stock, the price is predicted to go up to minimum of $2.31 and reaching the maximum at $28.76.

The average price is estimated at $15.53 with average price volatility measured at 23.03%. There is evidence that the price of APE will reach $16.00 per share in the year, that is, 5 years to come.  

APE Stock Price Prediction 2028

The year 2028 will maintains the growing trend of APE. It is expected to reach a maximum of $33.50 and a minimum of $2.38.

The average trading price is $17.94 with 29.07% average price volatility for the year.  There is evidence that APE may reach $18.00 per share in 2028.

APE Stock Price Prediction 2029

APE is projected to continue with long term growth. In 2029, it is estimated there will be $2.50 minimum price and $37.79 maximum price.

On the average, the APE trading price is $20.14 and average price volatility is measured at 25.30%. There is evidence that APE will reach $20.00 per share this year.

APE Stock Price Prediction 2030

We expect APE Stock to reach maximum at $45.98 by the year 2030 with the minimum price value expected at $4.10.

The average price of APE is estimated at $25.04. This means APE stock will reach $25.00 per share in the year 2030 with 24.22% average price volatility.


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