Stock MarketBZFD Stock Price Prediction 2023 to 2030: Is BZFD a Good Buy?

BZFD Stock Price Prediction 2023 to 2030: Is BZFD a Good Buy?

Learn more about BZFD stock price prediction covering 7 years and whether BZFD is good stock to buy or sell based on recent news key financial indicators. BZFD is the name of stock of a company known as Buzzfeed Inc.

As at the time of writing this piece Buzzfeed Inc. had a market cap of $132.3 million laying in the 35th percentile of companies in the online media industry.

Founded in 2006, Buzzfeed is an entertainment news media company that reaches hundreds of millions globally through its cross-platform news and diversified network. Headquartered in the New York City, the company only had slightly above $400 million in December 2022.

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Is BZFD Stock Publicly Traded?

Yes. The Company goes public through a merger with a special-purpose acquisition company on December 06, 2021 in New York City making its IPO at $10 per share on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

Is BZFD Stock a Good Buy?

Three brokers have issued twelve-month target prices for BZFD stock. The share price forecasts range from $2.00 to $6.00. On average, they predict the company’s share price to reach $3.00 in the next in December 2023.

This implies the stock will grow to about 187% from the stock’s current price of 2.09. Furthermore, Penworldgurus analysts reviewed the 12-month Sell or Buy position of BZFD stock. Of 15 analysts, 6 recommend a Buy, 3 are recommending BZFD as a Hold, 5 are recommending ‘Buy and Hold’ while 1 analyst is recommending a Sell.

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From expert evidence, we believe that BZFD stock may be good buy now and still hold the stock as we expect future appreciation. The consensus among 2 Wall Street analysts  is that out of 2 analysts, 0 (0%) is recommending a buy, 1 (50%) are recommending BZFD as a Hold, and 1 (50%) are recommending BZFD as a Sell.

How to Buy BBBY Stock

To buy the BZFD stock you must follow the steps below:

Step 1: Contact a Good Broker Online

You need to make a good choice of brokerage that suits your investment target.

One of the features of an online broker is the exchanges to which they have access. If a broker doesn’t have access to the NASDAQ exchange then it will be difficult trading BZFD stock.

Our view is that eToro is the best stock brokerage at the moment. The reasons you should choose eToro as your broker are:

  1. From Technology to Healthcare, New York to London; you can fill your portfolio with stocks from the world’s top exchanges because eToro has access to the global financial network.
  2. eToro has a community of more than 20 million users worldwide. Talk to, learn from, and copy the unique crypto portfolios of top investors.
  3. eToro is a regulated and licensed brokerage platform.
  4. You can buy other assets from eToro brokerage such as ETFs and Cryptos.
  5. You can invest in stocks with zero commissions under eToro.
  6. If you don’t have the money to buy a full share, you can still invest in the stock by buying fractional shares.

Step 2: Open Your Brokerage Account

This is your trading account to be opened with the brokerage firm. You must complete an application with your details and follow other procedures required by your broker.

Step 3: Confirm Your Payment Details

You need to deposit sufficient money to your account so that you can trade. Ensure your payment detail is correct before you make such transfer using appropriate payment means.

Step 4: Research the BZFD Stock

Conduct a research online to locate the stock you want to buy. Find the stock by name or ticker symbol, in this case, BZFD, and research it before deciding if it is a good investment for you now.

Step 5: Purchase Now or Later

Buy your preferred quantity of BZFD stock with a market order or use a limit order to delay your purchase until the stock reaches a desired price. You are to decide if you will purchase BZFD shares at the current market price or use a limit order to buy BZFD shares at a given price.

Step 6: Check In On Your Investment

Optimize your portfolio by tracking your stock regularly so as to know when your investment target is attained. This helps you to know when you can change your investment strategy.

BZFD Stock Price Prediction – 2023 to 2028  

This prediction used Moving Average Regression model with historical price data at 5% level of significance.

BZFD Stock Price Prediction 2023

Buzzfeed Stock by the end of 2023 is expected to attain $1.87 minimum and $4.16 maximum. The average expected trading price is $3.02, with estimated implied volatility at 114%. This means BZFD will trade at about $3.00 per share in 2023.

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BZFD Stock Price Prediction 2024

There will be a general positive outlook for the entertainment media industry in 2024. There is optimism the stock will attract much more investors’ confidence following global demands for online media.

The year is expected to end with a maximum price of $7.50 and a minimum price value of $2.06. The average price is projected at $4.78 given a stable market condition. Implied average volatility through the year is measured at 110%.   This means BZFD will trade at about $4.70 per share in 2024.

BZFD Stock Price Prediction 2025

The stock’s prevailing price range will attract aggressive investors and also inspire retail investors to put their money.

Experts predict BZFD will attain highest at $10.36 by the year 2024 with the minimum price value expected to hit $2.51. The average price of $6.43 is projected for the year with 121% average implied price volatility. This implies BZFD will be sold at about $6.40 per share in 2025.

BZFD Stock Price Prediction 2026

Due to the prevailing market dynamics, BZFD stock may further swing upward. In 2026, the price of BZFD is expected to reach maximum value at $14.83.

The minimum price is expected to attain $2.89 on target. The average price is estimated at $8.86 with 116% implied average price volatility. We conclude that BZFD will trade at about $8.80 per share in 2026.

BZFD Stock Price Prediction 2027

BZFD price is estimated to peak at $17.59 by the end of 2027. The price will drop to as low as $2.99.  Given that a long term growth is imminent, its average price is projected to $10.29 with implied average volatility measured at 112%.

There is evidence that BZFD will trade at about $10.00 per share in 2027, which is five years from today. The implication is that Buzzfeed stock may likely attain its IPO price in the next five years.

BZFD Stock Price Prediction 2028

Minimum projection is $2.83 with the possible peak reaching $18.10.  On the average, it is expected that the BZFD price is $10.46 in 2028. This means BZFD will trade at about $4.70 per share in 2028.

A huge price turnover is expected within the range defined by the sector’s market; however, implied average price volatility is measured at 121%.

BZFD Stock Price Prediction 2029

There seems to be a more stable price through the year 2029 which may be attributed to stable global market condition.

It is assumed that in 2029 there will be $3.09 minimum price and $18.54 maximum price value. On the average, the trading price is estimated at $10.82 as the BZFD market grows slightly and gradually too.

We conclude that BZFD will trade at about $10.80 per share in 2029. Implied average price volatility is estimated at 119%.

BZFD Stock Price Prediction 2030

In 2030, analysts predict BZFD stock maximum trading price as $20.43 and the minimum price is projected to hit $3.78.

All things being equal, the average price is estimated at $12.10 with implied average price volatility estimated at 120%.  We conclude that BZFD will trade at about $12.00 per share in 2030.

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