Stock MarketDOLLAR TREE STOCK PRICE FORECAST 2022 to 2026 – Expert Analysis

DOLLAR TREE STOCK PRICE FORECAST 2022 to 2026 – Expert Analysis

Do you want to buy Dollar Tree stock or are they already in your portfolio? In this article you will find useful guide about how to buy the stock, dynamics of the DLTR price forecast per share, information relating to the stock performance and buying decisions.

What is Dollar Tree Inc.?

Dollar Tree, Inc. founded in 1986 is a leading operator of discount variety stores that has served North America for more than thirty years.

SOURCE: Business Wire

Dollar Tree is a publicly-traded steep-discount retail chain that is owned by the parent company Dollar Tree, Inc. Founded in Norfolk, VA, by K.R. Perry, and originally referred to as “Only $1” from 1986 until 1993.

Dollar Tree is currently led by CEO Mike Witynski, who formerly served as Chief Operating Officer (COO). According to Money Inc., the company decided to change the name to “Dollar Tree” in order to avoid any potential conflicts of pricing any of their products above one dollar at some point in the future.


Headquartered in Chesapeake, VA, Dollar Tree operates thousands of stores in North America across 48 neighbouring states and five Canadian provinces, supported by a strong and accessible logistics system and more than 193,000 partners.

How Does Dollar Tree Make Money?

The incentive is that items at dollar stores cost less to manufacture, and the company is not losing any money by storing them up for sale for just a dollar.

In view of this, Dollar Tree makes money by taking a percentage of any dollars spend by customers as profit. For every dollar spent by a customer at Dollar Tree, the company makes a profit of $0.35. Walmart, for example, makes only $0.24 per dollar.

When did Dollar Tree Go Public?

On March 6, 1995, Dollar Tree, Inc. went public on the NASDAQ exchange at an IPO of $15 a share, with a market cap as at then at $225 million using the ticker; DLTR.

Is Dollar Tree growing?

Dollar General opened 1,000 new stores in 2019 and has 1,050 more in the works for 2020. Dollar Tree, which owns Family Dollar, added roughly 500 new dollar stores in 2021 and even opening 600 more in 2022. Such growth is impressive. As at today, it has over 1500 stores across the globe.

The 19 analysts offering 12-month price forecasts for Dollar Tree Inc. have a median target of 175.00, with a high estimate of 201.00 and a low estimate of 120.00. The median estimate represents a +39.65% increase from the last price of 125.31. This means a significant growth of DLTR.

Is DLTR a Good Stock to Buy?

Yes. It is a good buy now. Out of 20 analysts, 10 (50%) are recommending DLTR as a Strong Buy, 5 (25%) are recommending DLTR as a Buy, 4 (20%) are recommending DLTR as a Hold, 1 (5%) are recommending DLTR as a Sell, and 0 (0%) are recommending DLTR as a Strong Sell. Research shows that Dollar Tree has received a consensus rating of Buy.

DLTR ranks 3 at a Zacks Rank (Hold) and holds a Growth Score of B, and has a VGM Score of B. Earnings and sales are projected to increase 35.2% and 5.6% year-over-year, respectively.

How to Buy Dollar Tree Stock

DLTR is famous as a discount variety store that sells items for $1 or less. If you would like to buy its stocks you need to find a broker that gives you access to the NASDAQ because that’s the main exchange it’s traded on.


You will need to follow the steps below to buy this stock without stress:

Step 1: Find a Good Online Broker

You need a good brokerage firm to transact with. Not all brokers allow you to buy stock of Dollar Tree due to the fact that they do not have access to the NASDAQ. DLTR is traded on the NASDAQ exchange only.

You need a broker that has access to this exchange. You must choose a reliable broker. Just conduct your research and do comparisons test.

Step 2: Open Your Brokerage Account

After finding your online broker, you need to open an account. This is much like a regular bank account and opening one is typically an online procedure.

In some brokerages it may take a couple of days to open until they do some background check on you. Instead of storing money on it you will store your stock in your account.

Step 3: Deposit Money to Your Account

You will pay cash to buy the Dollar Tree stocks. This cash first needs to be sent to your broker who then processed the transaction and facilitate your purchase.

The most common way you can deposit your money is bank transfer and using credit/debit card. At some brokers, you can deposit to your account using different electronic wallets like PayPal, e.g. at eToro.

Step 4: Buy the Dollar Tree Stock

The last step is to press the buy button. It is strictly online. You just log in to your online brokerage, search for Dollar Tree share, insert the volume of stock you wish to buy, and then click buy, which will initiate the purchase of stock.

There are two orders to choose from. The market order buys at the actual market price, while the limit order allows you to specify the exact price at which you want to buy the share.

Step 5: Put Your Eyes on Dollar Tree Performance Regularly

You are not done with just buying the stock.  After you have purchased your Dollar Tree stock, it becomes very important to monitor your investments.

If you bought the Dollar Tree stock for holding it for a longer term, you need to participate in the annual meeting and collect all the news and information about the company.

If your plan is short-term, your eyes will be on the price movement. When you observe some increase in the price, you may make a selling decision to amass the profit arising from price difference.

Dollar Tree Stock Price Forecast 5 Years Forecast

We forecast Dollar Tree stock performance using neural networks based on historical data on Dollar Tree stocks. Also, when forecasting, technical analysis tools are used, world geopolitical and news factors are taken into account.


Month  Price Target Min. Max % Vol.
June 134.56 129.83 139.29 6.79
July 135.86 131.50 140.23 6.22
August 157.04 152.20 161.89 5.98
September 153.96 149.32 158.60 5.85
October 160.97 152.43 169.51 10.07
November 164.40 158.55 170.26 6.87
December 165.03 159.50 170.57 6.49

There is a decline in the price of DLTR stock in September, 2022. Therefore, there is an expected average increase in price for the 3rd and 4th quarters of 2022.


Month  Price Target Min. Max % Vol.
January 164.56 158.67 170.45 6.91
February 174.85 168.50 181.20 7.00
March 162.94 156.80 169.08 10.99
April 170.67 167.80 173.54 3.30
May 155.80 152.57 160.57 4.98
June 158.04 149.65 165.15 9.39
July 157.76 148.67 168.12 8.60
August 161.75 153.79 169.70 9.37
September 157.33 148.98 165.12 9.78
October 161.72 152.84 167.83 8.93
November 159.54 156.24 169.01 7.56
December 166.52 160.45 172.60 7.03

There is decline in the months of January, March, May, July, September and November of year 2023, though not significant.


Month  Price Target Min. Max % Vol.
January 169.59 166.21 172.98 3.91
February 147.71 140.92 154.50 8.78
March 154.40 149.02 159.78 6.73
April 156.79 150.11 163.48 8.17
May 148.09 141.29 155.82 9.32
June 150.88 146.95 154.28 4.75
July 145.59 139.56 149.52 6.66
August 150.46 142.60 158.33 9.93
September 136.43 127.84 142.94 10.51
October 148.43 141.22 155.65 9.27
November 158.98 152.77 165.19 7.51
December 144.79 140.03 149.56 6.37

The months of February, May, July, September and December, 2024 will witness a decline in the value of DLTR stock. However, an optimistic investor would focus on the aggregate performance for the year. The implication is that the price is stable throughout the period with minimal fluctuations.

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Month  Price Target Min. Max % Vol.
January 152.89 147.89 157.90 6.33
February 167.71 160.11 175.32 8.67
March 170.75 165.41 176.09 6.06
April 167.25 163.01 171.50 4.95
May 173.31 166.72 179.9 7.32
June 174.20 168.30 180.10 6.55
July 165.58 158.67 172.49 8.01
August 169.80 162.5 177.11 8.24
September 157.14 145.71 168.58 13.56
October 160.49 151.68 169.30 10.40
November 164.03 157.55 170.52 7.60
December 175.26 168.16 182.36 7.78

The months of April, July, and September 2025 will witness a decline in the value of DLTR stock. However, an optimistic investor would focus on the aggregate performance for the year. The implication is that the price is very much stable throughout the period with fluctuations less significant.


Month  Price Target Min. Max % Vol.
January 173.67 168.02 179.33 6.30
February 174.77 169.00 180.55 6.39
March 183.47 176.20 196.68 10.41
April 175.21 169.38 182.94 7.41
May 181.72 173.66 189.78 8.49
June 184.95 179.65 190.26 5.57
July 186.59 180.08 193.11 6.74
August 193.15 182.37 197.49 7.66
September 193.85 189.55 198.15 4.30
October 195.69 191.11 206.26 7.34
November 181.60 174.74 188.96 7.53
December 187.28 179.40 195.17 8.08

The months of January, April and November 2026 will witness a decline in the value of DLTR stock. However, a risk-averse investor would focus on the aggregate performance for the year.

The implication is that the price is very much stable throughout the period with fluctuations less significant. By the end of this year the average investors would have observed the direction of DLTR using this forecast and other technical indicators.












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