Stock MarketEGY Stock Price Forecast 2022, 2023-2033 – Expert Analysis

EGY Stock Price Forecast 2022, 2023-2033 – Expert Analysis

Are you looking for Energy based crude oil stock that has incredible profit potential to buy? The right place to check is the VAALCO Energy Stock (NYSE: EGY).

In this article, we will show you all you need to know about the EGY Stock, the easy step-by-step procedure to buy the stock, and expert price forecast of EGY stock covering ten years.

What is EGY Stock?

This is the financial instrument of a company called VAALCO Energy, Inc., an independent energy company involved in the acquisition, development and production of crude oil, founded by Virgil A. Walston and Charles Alcorn in 1985 with headquarters in Houston, Texas, United States.

EGY Stock
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VAALCO’s operational assets and acreage are located primarily in Gabon and Equatorial Guinea in West Africa. The company operates through Gabon and Equatorial Guinea divisions. The Gabon division handles the Offshore Gabon-Etame Marin Permit operation while the Equatorial Guinea division deals with the Equatorial Guinea-Block P operation.

VAALCO Energy, Inc. stock became publicly traded since August 2017 in the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker symbol ‘EGY’ and began trading somewhere below $1.

There are currently 59.07 million of EGY outstanding shares with about $309.52 million EGY market capitalization. The Company has traded about 1.21 million shares in the past 24 hours.

EGY stock today closed at $5.24 moving upwards by 0.77% from the yesterday and recorded an increase of about 99.24% in the past 12 months. Statistics shows EGY has outperformed other stocks in the Energy sector by 0.58 percentage points.

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Is EGY Stock A Strong Buy?

EGY Stock holds some positive signals since the past five years. It currently commands good signals. The global demand for crude oil is currently on the rise owing to the lingering Russia-Ukraine crisis. This means more revenue for VAALCO Company.

The conclusion among 10 Penworld Gurus analysts covering NYSE: EGY stock show that 6 (60%) support EGY as strong buy, 3 (30%) suggest EGY is a buy, 1(10%) gives EGY a hold, while 0(0%) gives it a sell.

EGY’s valuation score is 71, which is above the Oil & Gas E&P industry average. EGY is currently passing 5 out of 7 due diligence checks. We hold the EGY as a strong-buy candidate.

Is EGY stock undervalued?

Using relative valuations model, EGY stock appears to be undervalued based on its P/E ratio of 3.36. The relative to Oil & Gas E&P industry P/E ratio of 5.5 point to the fact that EGY stock is undervalued considering the EGYP/B ratio of 1.84x.

Putting many technical factors into consideration, there is enough evidence that EGY Stock is currently undervalued.

How you can Buy EGY Stock

If you do not know how you can invest in EGY stock, follow the steps below to get the best procedure.

Step 1: Do Your Research about the EGY Stock

Find the stock by name or ticker symbol – EGY – and research it before deciding if it is a good buy investment for you at the time or in the future.

The research is meant to answer the following questions: Is EGY stock a good buy? Should you buy shares of EGY? How do EGY’s underlying business fundamentals look? Etc.

Step 2: Choose a Brokerage Firm Listed On the EGY Stock

Find a broker that suits your investment needs and ensure it trades in the exchange platform that holds EGY, NYSE.

Step 3: Open a User Account through the Brokerage’s Platform

Complete an application with your details such as your ID and address and then fund the account.

Step 4: Fund the Account to Buy the EGY stock

This means that you must deposit sufficient money in your account to facilitate your trading.

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Step 5: Buy the EGY Stock

Buy your preferred number/volume of stock with a market order or use a limit order to delay your purchase until the stock reaches a desired price.

Step 6: Track your EGY position

Optimize your portfolio by tracking your stock to enable you know when to take certain investment decisions.  You need to create a watch list to keep tabs on your new investment in EGY stock.

EGY Stock Price Prediction – 2022 to 2033

In our platform,, we use technical analysis to attempt predictions of EGY Stock average price and arrived at the following findings based on one-year point price prediction of the EGY Stock.

EGY Stock Price Prediction 2022

The prediction relies on expert analysis of EGY historical price data using Moving Average model.

EGY Stock price is estimated to reach maximum at $8.67 by the end of 2022. It was estimated that EGY stock price will drop to as low as $4.85. The price is predicted to average at $6.76.  Volatility is moderate, measured at 7% on the average.

EGY Stock Price Prediction 2023

Based on the aggregate point predictions of stock analysts, the estimated average price of EGY Stock will be around $11.41.

It is predicted to go up to a minimum of $7.49 and reaching the peak at $15.33. Price volatility is about 13.36%. This implies that EGY stock will reach somewhere above $10 in 2023.

EGY Stock Price Prediction 2024

Analysts predict that the maximum trading price of EGY Stock in 2024 is $25.87 and the minimum price is projected to hit $13.71.

All things being equal, the average price is estimated at $19.79.  This shows that the EGY stock may reach $20 on the average before the end of the year 2024.  Volatility is high at 17.10 in the face of high price swings. 

EGY Stock Price Prediction 2025

Experts predicted that EGY Stock will attain $30.60 by the year 2025 with the minimum price value expected to hit $18.48. The average price of $24.54 is projected for the year.  However, average price volatility is 14% which represents low risk.

EGY Stock Price Prediction 2026

Analysts now consider EGY as an enticing stock for long term investors who would want to benefit from its steady price appreciation.

It is estimated that by the end of 2026 the stock will value between $45.20 and $28.53. On the average, the price of EGY will be $36.87 in 2026. High price volatility is expected in the year and measured at about 22%.

EGY Stock Price Prediction 2027

Stock market analysts predict the maximum trading price of EGY Stock as $57.45 and the minimum price is projected to hit $36.11. Price volatility is high during the year and measured at 20.4%.

All things being equal, the average price is estimated at $46.787. The prediction shows that the average EGY stock price will attain over $45 per share in the year 2027.

EGY Stock Price Prediction 2028

Technical analysis by our stock-market experts shows that the price of EGY Stock in 2028 is expected to attain $44.78 minimum and $70.56 maximum.

The average expected trading cost is $57.67. It means the average price of the EGY stock will go beyond $50 by the year 2028. Volatility is high and measured at 23%.    

EGY Stock Price Prediction 2029

By this year, analysts expect a change in market fundamentals pointing at a little slow down. Minimum projection is $41.34 with a possible peak reaching $65.91.

On the average, it is expected that the price is around $53.62 in 2029. Moderate price volatility is expected during the year and measured at 15.4%.

EGY Stock Price Prediction 2030

Due to the prevailing market dynamics, EGY stock price looks set to maintain a significant upward trend.

In 2030, the price of EGY Stock is expected to attain a maximum $94.59. The minimum price is expected to reach about $68.47 with average price estimated at $81.53. High volatility is expected and measured sat 25%. This shows there is high risk in the face of higher prices.

EGY Stock Price Prediction 2031

It is estimated that in 2031 there will be $75.04 minimum price and $113.50 maximum price value.  On the average, the trading price will be around $94.27 all things being equal. There is estimated 21% price volatility during the year.

EGY Stock Price Prediction 2032

The year 2032 is expected to attain the maximum EGY Stock price of $131.77 and a minimum of $80.10.

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The estimated average trading price is $105.93. This shows that the average price of EGY per share will attain $100 in the year 2032. The EGY will cost $100 in ten years coming. There is high volatility measured at 24%.

EGY Stock Price Prediction 2033

The market shows a steady growing sign and the stock will continue to attract investors’ confidence.  The rush for the EGY stock is expected at this time.

The year 2033 is expected to end with a maximum price of $150.73 and a minimum price value of $115.87. The average price is projected at $133.33 all things being equal. There will be about 26% price volatility, meaning there is risk of price movement in the face of high price.


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