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Are you interested in acquiring a unique Coin with social features or a social token that promotes education and community level development which will grant you opportunities to gain robust experiences in every sphere of life and technology?

HBCU Coin is the right place as it rallies a large black-students community. This article will show you all you need to know about the HBCU coin and the easy ways you can follow to acquire the coin.

What is HBCU Buzz?

HBCU Buzz is the overhauling leader of each of the 107 Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the United States.  It is known as the leading source of HBCU newsflash, sports and entertainment services on the various black students’ campuses.

Founded in 2011 by Luke Lawal Junior, the HBCU is designed as a software business that emphasizes on elevating and growing the Black college experience and expressions of hope. The only multimedia business that is geared towards optimizing the welfare of the Black College community is the HBCU Buzz.


The founder is poised to ensuring that the culture, value, and community are connected to the funds and opportunities provided through the metaverse system and web3 space.

What is HBCU Coin?

HBCU coin is an initiative that allows students to acquire great knowledge about the operations and happenings in the crypto industry and invariably promoting mutual value. The HBCU coin holders provide the ex-students and followers the opportunity to continue their support for and linkages to Black colleges after graduation.

Coin holders will have permission to develop their HBCU experience through learning and gaining access to one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies. They will be able to link-up with experts to build synergy on projects and even purchase a few goods and attend courses on web3.

It follows that the alumni and other supporters who purchase the coin will have access to online education and will be able to support the HBCU community, receive exclusive packages and aid studentships.

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Objectives of the HBCU Coin

The goal of this coin is to create an online campus-wide know-how for students, give them uniqueness in every facet of life, and to attain the following objectives.

  • To create enabling opportunities for the holders such that the more HBCU coins you own, the greater your access to the endowed and dynamic sphere of HBCU coin.
  • Holders of HBCU coin will have access to categories of benefits which includes gaining skill to unravel HBCU content like videos and photos, NFT’s, virtual classes, and the ability to purchase and receive merchandise to the exclusion of non-holders.
  • The use of Rally io is aimed at raising robust autonomous economies between the resourceful and their colleagues. HBCU is a social token that is powered by the Ethereum blockchain which covers the total historically Black college and university community and reveals access to a unique set of experiences both in real life and in the metaverse.
  • To help attain growth in education experience for students and expands the alumni or supporter HBCU experience outside on-campus life.

 Rewards to HBCU Coin Holders

Holders of HBCU coin are eligible to earn Weekly Rally Rewards which is regarded as Community Activity Rewards. The growing of the HBCU economy is considered when distributing rewards weekly.

Rewards are paid out each week to coin communities who are actively growing and participating in their coin HBCU economy.

What happens here is that each campus-community earns some rewards; each participant in a given community will receive a share of money proportional to their holdings of that community’s coin which is determined by the student’s level of participation.

Distinction between HBCU and Other Cryptos

We know much about Ethereum and Bitcoin band probably very little about HBCU. They are not the same. HBCU is a rewards program not an investment in the strict sense.

The coin is all about peers’ mutual cooperation, helping us build community jointly with HBCU Buzz in a unique and progressive way.

HBCU is unique in the sense that holders can earn tokens for building a healthy economy with HBCU rather than holding it for speculative purpose that characterized the regular Cryptos.

HBCU is directly initiated to facilitate education opportunities, promoting scholarships, which is of critical relevance to the HBCU Buzz crew and members of the community.

How to Acquire HBCU Coin

You can buy HBCU Coin using a debit or credit card, a cryptocurrency or by changing of Rally’s default currency known as Rally-token ($RLY), into HBCU coin. We have the open decentralized Rally network which is powered by the Ethereum blockchain.

The HBCU coin is generally created on the Rally side-chain such that it can be swapped for Rally tokens ($RLY). And this swapping is reversible at any time.

To convert any Crypto to HBCU coin in the USD, you will be surcharged on the regular fees for this conversion.

However, to buy the HBCU coin, you are required to follow the 5 steps below.

  • Step 1: Log in to a Rally Account and input necessary details
  • Step 2: Visit the HBCU page and select the buy button
  • Step 3: Select or indicate the volume of coin you want to buy
  • Step 4: Click Buy and wait for the system to bring out the modes
  • Step 4: Choose from the modes among Cryptocurrency, Debit or Credit Card
  • Step 5: Click submit and the transaction ends

How to Exchange HBCU Coin for Currency?

You move your money out of Rally by bridging-out processes. As stated above, you will be surcharged on the conversion and there are monetary zones where such exchange is presently illegal.

The bridging-out procedure requires that your account must be at least 7 days old and you will have to go through a rigorous KYC verification.

But the moment you complete the verification steps which may take about 48 hours, then the Bridge Out becomes easy through a free Coinbase account.

The greatest advantage of Coinbase is that it is a secure exchange platform that makes it easy to buy, sell and store cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Rally Tokens (RLY).  Coinbase an easy to use website and smartphone app, and works seamlessly with Rally and such interface does not require any crypto expertise.

How Much HBCU Coin You Should Buy

The live Hybrid Bank Cash price today is $0.000999 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $71.06 USD.  Hybrid Bank Cash is down 0.03% in the last 24 hours. The current Coinmarketcap ranking is 7586 and a live market cap is not available record.

To promote fairness in the HBCU coin community the purchases of HBCU coin are restricted to a one-time single transaction not exceeding $100 per holder for the first week. This means that if you have already made a purchase, you must wait until the break-time time is exhausted before you can make another purchase.

Since the price of HBCU coin changes and dependent on the HBCU economy, you need to plan to purchase more than the cost of whatever you desire to purchase with the coin.


If you desire to purchase an HBCU NFT, you should know that the price varies, then plan to spend a few extra dollars to make sure that you have enough to cover the final transaction.

Since we will be offering people who hold HBCU coin some unique rewards and opportunities you must ensure that you are holding at least a few extra HBCU coins in order to have access to those rewards.




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