Stock MarketHow to Buy MoonPay Stock - Expert Guide

How to Buy MoonPay Stock – Expert Guide

This article will show you how you can buy MoonPay stock as the company goes public and how your investment in MoonPay will be a sure count to your financial success.

What is MoonPay?

MoonPay is a fintech company that develops and operates payments mechanism for crypto trading.

Its alternating suite of products provides a whole experience for changing between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies using all major payment methods.

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The payment methods that MoonPay uses include debit and credit cards, local bank transfers, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. It has efficient presence in more than 160 countries. Trusted and utilized by a large number of leading wallets and websites to accept payments with fraud-proof.

The company is located in Miami, Florida. It was founded in 2018 by Ivan Soto-Wright and Victor Faramond with branches in London, England, United Kingdom, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. MoonPay’s attraction to investors is that it offers access to digital assets.

How Does MoonPay Work?

MoonPay provides digital payments platform for crypto by giving you a gateway to buy and sell Bitcoin with a credit card or fiat currencies. It is different from a Bitcoin Exchange where you swap Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


Generally, MoonPay’s software will enable you buy and sell cryptocurrencies using conventional payment methods like credit cards, bank transfers or mobile wallets like Apple pay and Google Pay.

Using MoonPay through a link-up wallet application, your wallet will automatically pass your correct wallet address such that you may not need further direction to send your cryptocurrency.

Having subscribed to MoonPay’s terms and conditions and also agreed rate of exchange, tick the box to agree and click Buy Now. You will get an email for an order confirmation and link to our tracker, where you can monitor the status of your order in real-time.

How to Use MoonPay in OpenSea?

It is important to note that not every region is supported by MoonPay. In such case you can go through what is called ‘OpenSea’. Investors in this region will not buy with credit card.

To begin, you open your wallet. Then you just click ‘add funds’ on your wallet sidebar, choose the “buy with card” option, and follow through MoonPay’s prompts.

MoonPay sells its technology to other businesses including crypto website and non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace OpenSea.

How much is MoonPay Worth?

Ashton Kutcher, Gwyneth Paltrow, Justin Bieber and Snoop Dogg are among MoonPay’s avid investors who have taken the company’s estimate to $3.4 billion in recent time.

In November 2021, MoonPay announced a $555 million Series; a bankrolling push that took the digital payment platform’s valuation to $3.4 billion.

MoonPay has processed more than $2 billion in transactions since debut. This means that transaction has witnessed upward swings and making the transaction volume to go up 35-fold in the past two years according to Soto-Wright said.

Who is MoonPay ETH?

MoonPay recently purchased a zombie-themed CryptoPunk for over $3 million. This is a successful attempt to create MoonPay ETH. The company often operates as intermediary for celebrity NFT purchases, leaving many to speculate which high-profile figure is behind the buy.

How to Buy MoonPay Stock

As at today, if you are interested in buying MoonPay stock, you apply directly to the company and become a private investor or you may buy stocks of any listed company to which MoonPay is a shareholder.

Since the MoonPay hasn’t gone public with IPO it becomes impossible to buy the share through an exchange.

If you are interested in acquiring the MoonPay share before it goes public you can only do so by direct contact to become investor or by indirect means of buying stocks from a company that has stake in MoonPay.


After the MoonPay IPO and you want to buy its stock, you will go through online broker. The first thing is to identify a good broker and open a brokerage account with the broker.

Once you have opened account and get it funded the following steps are necessary to get you trading:

  • Log into your broker’s platform and proceed to identify the MoonPay stock by its ticker or name, then, select it.
  • Choose the number of stocks you will like to buy and make a payment corresponding to the volume you have chosen.
  • You will now see the options to buy now or later. Choose ‘buy now’ and click on it. With this you have purchased.
  • The final step is for you to continue to monitor your investment.

Is MoonPay Publicly Traded?

We are aware that MoonPay plans to spend the money raised on new products and targeting growth. Soto-Wright said the company is determined to take the business public in the near future. Today, MoonPay has not been listed in an exchange. It remains a private business.

Cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile in nature and that has huge impact on even the most efficient players in the crypto family. Coinbase, for example, failed to make headway in the third quarter after a drop in monthly users.

Also, Bitcoin hit an all-time high of nearly $69,000 sometime ago, but has since dropped at over 16%. So, in making decision on taking MoonPay public the analysis of crypto volatility is crucial.

Is MoonPay a good Investment?

The company shared that this funding and the continued support from investors will enable it to accelerate its international expansion, grow the team and bring in new partners. MoonPay’s long-term mission is to increase cryptocurrency access to 1 billion people by 2030.

MoonPay is building the most sophisticated payment model for leading fintech companies, exchanges, and wallets to facilitate cryptocurrency transactions.

It is believed that a reliable fiat-currency payment mechanism is necessary for real-life use of cryptocurrency to thrive.

Recently, the MoonPay Company revealed that $87 million of the total $555 million came collectively from more than 60 public figures and celebrities in the music, sports, media and entertainment industries.

While the ‘Series A round’ was led by firms like Tiger Global Management and Coatue with participation from Blossom Capital, Thrive Capital, Paradigm and NEA, so many big names are considered MoonPay investors. They include, Gwyneth Paltrow, Maria Sharapova, Eva Longoria, Gal Gadot, Matthew McConaughey and Bruce Willis.

MoonPay investments have allowed the fintech start-up to develop new products like NFT Checkout and MoonPay Concierge, a referral-based service for high-net-worth individuals that purchases crypto and NFTs on their behalf for a fee. For example, when actress Gwyneth Paltrow wanted a Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT she went to MoonPay and then thanked the company via Twitter.

Given the above statistics we conclude that MoonPay is a good investment at the long-term and we encourage investors to add it to their portfolios.

List of Cryptocurrencies on MoonPay in the United States:

  • 0x – ZRX
  • Algorand – ALGO
  • ApeCoin – APE
  • Basic Attention Token – BAT
  • Binance Coin (BEP-2) – BNB
  • Binance Coin (BEP-20) – BNB
  • Binance USD (BEP-2) – BUSD
  • Binance USD (BEP-20) – BUSD
  • Bitcoin – BTC
  • Bitcoin Cash – BCH
  • Cardano –ADA
  • Chainlink – LINK
  • Dai – DAI
  • Dai (zkSync) – DAI
  • Dogecoin – DOGE
  • Elrond eGold – EGLD
  • EOS – EOS
  • Ethereum – ETH
  • Ethereum (Polygon) – ETH
  • Ethereum (zkSync) – ETH
  • Flow – FLOW
  • Hedera Hashgraph – HBAR
  • Immutable X (ERC-20) – IMX
  • Litecoin –LTC
  • OMG Network – OMG
  • Paxos Standard – PAX
  • Polkadot – DOT
  • Shiba Inu – SHIB
  • Solana – SOL
  • Stacks – STX
  • Stellar – XLM
  • Tether (ERC-20) – USDT
  • Tether (zkSync) – USDT
  • Tezos – XTZ
  • TrueUSD – TUSD
  • USD Coin (ERC-20) – USDC
  • USD Coin (FLOW) – USDC
  • USD Coin (Polygon) – USDC
  • USD Coin (Solana) – USDC
  • USD Coin (zkSync) – USDC
  • WAX – WAXP




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