Stock MarketHOW TO BUY NEURALINK STOCK : Step-By-Step Guide


In this article, we are going to take you through the whole process of acquiring Neuralink stocks, show you how you can make money out of it, and explain the step-by-step procedure you can follow to easily buy Neuralink stocks.

Neuralink is a Company with the mission to help people with impaired brain function or physical paralysis.

A user can communicate through text or speech synthesis and browse the web as quickly as any other person.

As people get more used to the idea of implants, Neuralink believes that, eventually, everybody will want to use the technology.

Indeed, Elon Musk, the founder, seems to advocate that everybody will need this technology to keep ahead of advances in artificial intelligence. The company’s other founders were experts in fields such as biochemistry, neuroscience, and robotics.

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You must help yourself by reading this article with attention.  And now come with us through the process.

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What is Neuralink?

The Link in Neuralink consists of very fine, flexible threads that contain electrodes. These electrodes detect the electrical signals that neurons in the brain use to communicate with each other.

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The idea behind Musk’s Neuralink was to unify Artificial intelligence with the human brain. He is keen to prove to the world that future is Science, thereby eliminating the excess human interventions.

The Link’s threads are so fine that a neurosurgeon will not be able to insert them. Instead, Neuralink is designing a robotic system to implant the Link to get around this problem.

With the Link in place, the user will use a Neuralink app to connect with an iOS device, a keyboard, or a mouse by thought alone. The app will include training tutorials to teach people how to use the system. The Link is about the size of a large coin and will fit flush with the skull. The Link runs on an inductively charged battery.

In August 2020, Elon Musk suggested that the Link is so sophisticated that it will, in the future, be able to cure blindness, deafness, depression, paralysis, and other brain malfunctions. The Link, he said, would constantly update itself by connecting with artificial intelligence.

An Overview of Neuralink: All You Need to Know About Neuralink

Neuralink started operations in July 2016 with eight co-founders who are experts in areas of neuroscience, biochemistry and robotics. Chief amongst whom was the ubiquitous Elon Musk.

Neuralink made its first public report in March 2017. Musk is currently Neuralink’s Chief Executive Officer and owner and has provided much of the finance behind the company. Musk’s optimism and scientific passion characterized this venture.

Neuralink is fast developing a real-world brain-machine interface that will allow the user to manipulate a computer or mobile gadget from a distance through an app.

To do this, Neuralink’s team is working on an implant called ‘the Link’ that will process and transmit neural signals.

Several other techno firms are working hard to construct similar interfaces, but Neuralink claims superiority in content and sophistication than anything that the rival companies are working on.

Securities and portfolio investors are constantly monitoring the development waiting for the day when Neuralink announces its stock IPO date. Every ardent investor will not want to miss a chance to have a share of Elon’s new and expansionary techno investment. Investors are keen to adding Neuralink stocks to their portfolio of investment.

Neuralink is not actually inventing a new thing with this technology, but it is taking it to new levels of superiority over similar technologies.

Of course, a company, Neuro Control, did a revolutionary work in this field, with an external system, as far back as the 1990s but eventually failed due to its skyrocketing costs.

Elon Musk invested a considerable amount of private funds into the company. Neuralink has also mobilized a further sum of $158 million since 2016 as its current valuation stands at around $500 million.

This financing level gives Neuralink an immense advantage over its competitors and means that it has no immediate need for external funds. As long as Elon Musk remains engaged with the project—and there is no sign he’s leaving—this is likely to remain the case.

Will Neuralink become a stock?

The public trading of Neuralink investment is yet to be launched. This is not a total constraint to investors because they can trade the Neuralink’s tokenized share of stock which are digital assets.

Investors can trade this on a direct order because the assets are supported by the stocks of Neuralink.

Investors are keen to get the opportunity to buy shares of stock in Neuralink, but they will have to wait for so long.


The company does not have any immediate plans for an initial public offering. Reason being that the company and Elon Musk do not require supplementary financing.

Can You Buy Neuralink Stock Now?

The answer is No!  You cannot buy stock in Neuralink, but you will be able to purchase shares of stock in any future IPO. And based on the unit per share count the price is predicted to be $200 per unit stock.

You cannot trade Neuralink stock or invest in Neuralink Corp right now because it is a private company

Would Neuralink Stock Go Up? See Expert Analysis

Neuralink has raised $205 million from investors which comes two years after Neuralink raised $51 million. Total investment in the company now stands at $500 million. The Neuralink stock may go up because of its limited supply as this moment.

While Neuralink has not filed for an IPO, we may not be able to pinpoint what it will trade for. However, the following factors can help drive up the stock price:

  • Capitalization
  • Management Capability
  • Trading Rate
  • Positive Trajectory of Earnings
  • Cash Flow and Diversification
  • Dividend Strategy
  • Favourable macro-economic environment

Where and How to Buy Neuralink Stock

Since Neuralink is not traded publicly, it can only be acquired by private order directly from the company.

However, the stocks can be traded through a tokenized share of stocks of digital asset which is supported by the Neuralink.

Below is how you can buy Neuralink stock:

  • You May Buy Stock from A Company That Has Already Invested in Neuralink.

To buy Neuralink stock you will buy the shares of companies that have invested directly in Neuralink.

For example, Alphabet Inc., contributed financial resources in Neuralink’s funding processes and Alphabet is a publicly traded company.

And since Alphabet Inc trades under the ticker symbol GOOGL you can buy its stock.  As at today, Alphabet stock trades at $2,544.28 per unit stock, you can buy the Alphabet’s stock therefore buying that of Neuralink by direct implication.

  • Buy Stock in Other Companies Owned by Elon Musk

You can make Elon Musk the rallying point of your investment. Musk is said to have the financial capacity to fund his other ventures because he has incredible wealth.  He is the CEO of the popular company known as Tesla.

Knowing that Tesla is publicly traded you can invest in Tesla which is owned by Elon Musk. Tesla stock was trading at $910.22 per share as of January 25, 2022, and was valued as a $1 trillion company in October 2021.

In other words, you can invest in a private company’s stock if you can identify its link with other listed companies.



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