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This article is aimed at explaining where and how to buy Facemeta coin in a simple language. We are filling the gaps in the economics of information.

Facemeta Coin is the subject matter of this article. We will encourage you to own the coin, enjoy its rewards and publicize our impression on the Facemeta Coin’s assessment.

FACEMETA coin is one of the digital currencies that you can find on several cryptocurrency setups, but unlike other popular cryptocurrencies, Facemeta coin cannot be purchased directly with fiat money.

The easy way for you to receive the Facemeta coin is by purchasing Bitcoin from any fiat-to-crypto arrangement and then transferring it to a trading firm.

In this article, we shall take you through processes and ways you can buy FACEMETA token.  To understand the concept of Facemeta Token we urge you to read this article till the end.


 Let’s get in there together!

What is Facemeta Coin?

The crypto coin has recorded 34.5% high in the past one day and will continue to maintain such record over a long term.

The reason being that it is a special coin that cannot be acquired with fiat currency meaning that the P-2-P mechanism does not apply. It is a digital asset in the crypto world.

The Facemeta project is stirred by Mark Zuckerberg’s ingenuity as revealed on the official website of this Coin.

The crypto coin is made with a mission to comprise in-game materials with built-in incentives to reward holders.

The Facemeta coin is gaining acceptance in the global business environment and sustaining its popularity on the social media.

Records on the circulating supply of the Facemeta coin is not available, but the maximum supply of crypto stands at 1,000,000,000,000,000 FACEMETA coins.

The coin is programmed to ensure an exchange session with the crypto. Hence, the Facemeta Token holders would add a particular task to the game’s dashboard every week but this task doesn’t come without rewards.

What is Facemeta Token?

FACEMETA is considers as the FACEBOOK METAVERSE project’s native token. It has increased by more than 50% in the last few days as a result of higher rewards to investors.

Credit Source: Global Happenings

Investors who own a particular quantity of FACEMETA tokens, according to the creators, would have the opportunity to play the in-game and the time spent on the game attracts some reward.

Facemeta Coin Price

The price of the Facemeta coin is $0.0000000358 today. The price of the coin is unstable with varying degrees of change.

Our analysis of the price chart covering 30 days shows the need for an investor to monitor the price movement of the coin before investing in it.

Is Facemeta Coin a good investment?

The current price of Facemeta coin is attractive in relation to some established cryptos.

The value of FACEBOOK METAVERSE is estimated to go up in the future. Scarcity creates value. The scarce nature of the coin coupled with limited circulating supply would inherently push up the price.

From the last one week the Facemeta coin was in good upward direction and increased by 216.75%.

Facebook Metaverse has shown very strong positive potential in recent time and this could a be good opportunity to explore and invest in the coin.


Since every investment comes with risk, you have to weigh the risk against the benefit of your investment before venturing into it. This position is applicable to Facemeta coin.

Where to Buy Facemeta Token

You must take note that the Facemeta Token is available on all official exchanges, including Pancake Swap and

To buy Facemeta Token you must follow certain procedure. The procedure is quick and simple.

You can trade on any website that is convenient for you and which has credibility.

To purchase the Facemeta token:

  • Create an account or log in using your credentials on the website if you already have an account.
  • Buy Ethereum, bitcoin, dogecoin, or Binance, among other cryptocurrencies using your account.
  • Trade your bitcoin for Facemeta cryptocurrency.
  • Save the Facemeta crypto in any hardware you choose.

Having performed the above procedure, you may now trade Facemeta coin with ease.

Facemeta Coin Contract Address

The Binance Mainnet now accepts FACEMETA tokens. The address for FACEMETA’s token in the Binance Mainnet is:   0x3e0b5807515756635c6347cdeebf95946e604bcf.

Be vigilant, and do not buy any other coin with a different contract address except as provided for you above.  Please, make sure you have enough bitcoin in your wallet to cover the transaction costs.

How to buy Facemeta coin on Trust wallet

According to the official website of Facemeta, the crypto coin was created to contain in-game material assets which defines the mission of the company.

In the past few hours, the crypto coin has risen to 34.5 percent and remains on the upward drive. There is high probability that it may attain 50% in the near future.

The Facemeta coin initiative ensures that the crypto is interactive. Below is the procedure to buy the coin on Trust Wallet.

Remember that Trust Wallet is a multi-coin wallet acquired by Binance to support cryptocurrencies.

Follow the following steps if you want to buy Facemeta coin on Trust wallet:

  • Get Trust Wallet and install it on your device.

The iOS App Store has a Bitcoin Cash Wallet, and the Google Play Store has an Android Bitcoin Cash Wallet.

Installation takes just a few minutes and you must have sufficient internet data and enough space in your device.

  • Select “Buy” from the menu to initiate the transaction.

You will see list of coins on the screen. Choose the asset you would like to purchase; in this example you pick Bitcoin Cash.

  • Key in the amount would like to spend in the box provided.

This means you are choosing the amount of investment you want to make.

Complete the payment by clicking ‘continue’. With the above steps you have invested in Facemeta coin on Trust Wallet.

Facemeta Price Prediction 2022

In December 2022, the price of Facebook Metaverse is predicted to reach a minimum of $0.00000003. Throughout 2022, the Facebook Metaverse price might reach a maximum of $0.00000004, with an average price of $0.00000003.

Facemeta Price Prediction 2023

According to analysis based on historical prices, the price of Facebook Metaverse is expected to be to $0.00000005 in 2023. It may attain a maximum of $0.00000007 by the end of the year with a predicted average price of $0.00000005.

Facemeta Price Prediction 2024

In 2024, the price of one Facebook Metaverse is estimated to hit $0.00000007 as minimum. Towards the end of the year there will be a little upward movement of the price which is predicted to hit as high as $0.00000008, with an average of price of $0.00000007.

Facemeta Price Prediction 2025

Prediction of the 2025 price is done using time series forecasting technique. The price of Facebook Metaverse is expected to be $0.00000010 as minimum price and $0.00000012 as the estimated peak.

Accordingly, the price of Facemeta coin is predicted to average of $0.00000010, all things being equal.

Bottom Line

The Facemeta Coin is a new crypto initiative that can promote the use of digital asset in the global online business community.

The crypto coin has its own uniqueness in the sense that it is designed with an in-game materials which creates a reward for investors and stands as an incentive.

The current price and the percentage increase in the price of Facemeta Coin is a testimony of future prospect for investment in the coin.




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